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Black beauties

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Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s the point of ephemeral messaging. But regardless of its brevity digital stuff that self-destructs is gaining in popularity. Witness the rise of Snapchat. Facebook  also jumped aboard this bandwagon with its Snapchat clone competitor Poke. Well, here’s another to add to the perpetually vanishing pile: is a free iOS app that lets users « timebomb » selected Facebook friends with photos that vanish after a pre-set interval, regardless of whether they have been viewed or not. says it stands apart from Snapchat by never storing any « clear » images — even for a brief time — on its network or on Facebook. Users choose a visual encryption style they want to apply to their photo allowing it to be partially or entirely disguised before the recipient chooses to view it. Viewing is done either via’s iOS app or by downloading and installing…

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Taiwan is bracing for Typhoon Soulik, which is scheduled to hit the island country late Friday. The arrival of the storm–now classified as a super typhoon–coincides with Google’s launch of Public Alerts for Taiwan yesterday. Severe weather alerts for typhoons and floods, and evacuation instructions if necessary, will appear on the page as well as on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Now on smartphones. engineering director Eric Chu says the launch of Google Public Alerts for Taiwan just days before the anticipated arrival of Typhoon Soulik was a coincidence, as the company’s goal had been to make it available in time for typhoon season from mid-summer to early fall.’s goal is to encourage governments to adopt international standards of Web data such as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) for publishing and sharing alerts and the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for geographic data.

After the 2011 earthquake…

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Any.DO, makers of a smart task app for mobile, is today launching its next creation out of private beta. The company’s new Cal app for iPhone is now available and is designed to integrate with the task app, as well as sync with other mobile calendaring services, including Google, iCloud and Exchange.

The new app is unique in how it extends itself beyond being only an appointment scheduler. It starts off by importing your calendar events and contacts from your iPhone, and then lets you log in via Facebook for additional social capabilities, such as the ability to see and respond to your Facebook friends’ birthday notifications via phone, text or email.

Cal also adds a layer of intelligence to the appointments themselves, automatically adding things like a map of the location (if provided the address), and a button you can tap to kick off navigation. And when you add…

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Smartwatch startup Pebble revealed today for the first time that it has received 190,000 pre-orders for its wearable computing accessory through its own web store following the tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign it ran last year. That means it amassed around 275,000 pre-orders total for the smartwatch, which is impressive early traction for a device that didn’t have a proven market in place to sell into.

Pebble co-founder Eric Migicovsky told me the company wanted to reveal the total order volume now as a follow-up to its Best Buy availability announcement, in order to provide some context around the challenges the startup has faced in terms of shipping product to backers. Response at Best buy has also been very good, Migicovsky says, though the team isn’t yet ready to talk about specific numbers. The Pebble is sold out at many of Best Buy’s retail locations already.

For the first six…

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Hello, and welcome back to today’s episode of « Why? LOL BECAUSE WE CAN. »

Tired of your dumb old microwave that just shoots friggin’ radio waves at food to cook it? Stupid thing probably can’t even play animated GIFs or send Snapchats or download the Fergie. What’s the point?

In the coolest mod I’ve seen in ages, developer Nathan Broadbent has hacked away at his microwave to add stuff that any self-respecting microwave manufacturer of the year 2013 should have probably added themselves. Voice commands! Barcodes that pre-set cooking times! A SELF SETTING CLOCK.

Meet the Raspberry Picrowave. As you might’ve gathered from the name, it’s a Microwave mashed up with a Raspberry Pi, the $25 micro-computer adored by modders, hackers, and geeks ’round the world

Here’s what it can do so far:

  • Clock sets/updates itself across the Internet
  • A barcode scanner pulls cooking instructions from an online database. Such a…

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